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  • The Neverending Battle
    The Neverending Battle

    New amendments have been proposed again to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Once again, the proposals have the goal of limiting discovery and the burden and expense that goes along with it. As ...

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  • In Minnesota, June 2014 is:
    In Minnesota, June 2014 is: "File Your Hip Pocket Service Cases Month"

    Ring, Ring, “Law Office.” Hello. Yeah, uh, this is probably a stupid question, but, um, I got some legal papers here, someone gave ’em to m e, but, they got my name on there, but, there’s no court ...

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  • Is Your Cell Phone Private?
    Is Your Cell Phone Private?

    “The Right to be Let Alone— the Most Comprehensive of Rights and the Right Most Valued by Civilized Men.” 1 An Unreasonable Intrusion upon Seclusion – William L. Prosser, Legal Scholar (1960) ...

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