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  • Monday Morning Subpoena Blues
    Monday Morning Subpoena Blues

    Your receptionist walks in and hands you an envelope. As you open it up, you recognize the format and see the word SUBPOENA printed on the first page. The receptionist says someone just handed it to ...

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  • The Best 2013 List Ever!
    The Best 2013 List Ever!

    The List Since it is the New Year almost February middle of March 15th of April end of May start of June 2014, I feel obligated to finish my “Best of 2013” list. After all, the year will be half over ...

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  • In Minnesota, June 2014 is:
    In Minnesota, June 2014 is: "File Your Hip Pocket Service Cases Month"

    Ring, Ring, “Law Office.” Hello. Yeah, uh, this is probably a stupid question, but, um, I got some legal papers here, someone gave ’em to m e, but, they got my name on there, but, there’s no court ...

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