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Unfair Business Competition

Minneapolis Unfair Business Competition Defense Lawyers

Fight Back Against Unscrupulous Business Practices

The unfair business competition law is meant to protect the initial company from a former employee, or from another business, from gaining a drastically unfair advantage. One of the most common unfair business competition case types involves a former employee who has taken the company's client list to use in a new company. However, there are several other situations that fall under the jurisdiction of the unfair business practices law, all of which can negatively affect your company.

You may have a case under the unfair competition law if:

  • Your competitor is selling items at a drastically reduced price, or at prices that are impossible with which to compete
  • A former employee sets up a new company that will compete with yours, and brings clients or other coworkers in the move
  • Your competitor is spreading libel and slander against you
  • Another individual has established a business that violates your non-compete contract with your landlord
  • A competitor has stolen your ideas to use as their own
  • A company is selling goods that are meant to look like they were manufactured by another company
  • You lose money due to a competitor's false advertising

Knowing your rights as a business can help you determine whether your competitor is operating in violation of the unfair business competition law. Our St. Paul and Minneapolis business law attorney at MKT Law can help you determine what options you have in your situation.

At MKT Law, Litigation is Our Business

Let our Minneapolis business litigation attorney help you fight back against threats to your business. If you have begun to lose money due to your competitor's unfair business practices, you might not have to let them get away with it. Certain parameters have been set in place in business law in order to protect businesses and to keep companies operating on a more level field. Our Minneapolis firm has extensive legal experience and can see to it that these guidelines are adhered to by all parties.

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