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Business Formation, Operation, & Sale

Minneapolis Business Formation Lawyer

Legal Guidance for Starting Your Minneapolis Business

Straight talk and an honest assessment of your planned business can help ensure that you start off right. If you hire an attorney with a business background, this can further ensure that you will be guided with a thorough legal plan, one that is designed to suit your particular business and its diverse needs.

This is an essential service you should demand when bringing your business’ legal issues to any lawyer. It is also something you can expect at MKT Law. Choose us for the personalized attention and strategy you deserve.

Informative, knowledgeable counsel can get you off on the right path when starting a business so you can focus on what you do best. Our personalized attention and understanding of small businesses (we are one, too) helps tailor the process to your unique needs.

If you work with us from the beginning of your company, should any problems arise as your business progresses, we are able to better assist you and are only a call away.

Contact our business formation lawyer today, online or at (612) 260-5109, for a confidential case consultation in Minneapolis or St. Paul. 

Why MKT Law is Your Top Choice for Business Law in Minnesota

  • We're backed by 20+ years of business law experience
  • Our founder has a perfect 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating
  • We use the latest technology to analyze and present each case
  • We offer aggressive, innovative, and practical counsel

Strategic Business Formation Advice from Experienced Minneapolis Attorneys

It is true that almost anyone can form a Minnesota corporation or limited liability company on the internet without a lawyer. Usually, this is fine as long as there is only one owner. Once there is more than one owner involved, however, you need to plan for the future and build in contingencies in case things do not go as planned. S corporations.

For example, work in Minnesota for companies with up to 35 owners and offer highly advantageous tax opportunities.

To start a successful business in Minnesota, make sure you get off on the right foot. Do things the right way by laying a solid foundation first. Be proactive. Don't wait for problems to come calling before getting legal advice. You don’t cut corners with the quality of the work you do, so why cut corners with setting up your business?

Properly forming a Minnesota corporation, S corporation, or limited liability company will be the bedrock of your business for years to come. Make sure you consult with an experienced attorney and set it up correctly.

Our Minneapolis business formation attorney can effectively guide you through:

  • Selecting an entity type (Inc., LLC, LLP, etc.)
  • Ownership considerations
  • Guidance through business sales and acquisitions
  • Contract negotiations
  • Employee relations
  • Severance agreements

Planning for Success: The Role of a Skilled Minneapolis Business Law Attorney

What happens if you want to be bought out? What if you want to buy out your other partners? What happens if one of you becomes disabled? What about when you want to retire? What happens if one of the owners gets a divorce? Or goes bankrupt?

Can someone else wind up being your business partner without you having any say one way or the other? If there is a dispute between the owners in the future, will it involve litigation that is so expensive it could ruin the business?

By planning for these possible events when your corporation or LLC is being formed, you can build in ways to deal with them before anything happens. With the guidance of experienced Minneapolis and St. Paul business lawyers, we can help you plan for the future and potentially save you from many headaches, let alone future attorney’s fees, by setting your business up right in the beginning. Call our business lawyers at MKT Law for help in setting up your new company.

Partner with MKT Law for Business Growth and Legal Strategy

As your business flourishes, we can help you with each new challenge you may encounter. Perhaps you are ready to purchase more real estate or hire more employees. Maybe you want to establish a partnership, or reassess your stock and potentially take on investors. Our business attorney is ready to help you successfully navigate your company to success.

Contact MKT Law today for legal guidance, whether you are starting up, operating your business, or preparing for its future.

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