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Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation Agreements

Minneapolis Non-Compete Agreement Guidance & Enforcement

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You have always been able to compete fairly and succeed. That’s the game. When someone cheats by poaching a key employee and using her to sell to all of your customers, that’s unfair. If you have a proper non-compete and non-solicitation agreement in place with your employees, you may be able to sue and stop this from happening, or at least, hold those responsible for breaking and interfering with your non-compete agreements. Once the damage starts, it only multiplies—usually exponentially.

Protect Your Business with a Minnesota Non-Compete Lawyer

We can aggressively, effectively, and efficiently fight for your rights and protect your business from potentially devastating harm when a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement is broken. You must act fast when faced with a violated non-compete agreement. After the bell has been rung by a former worker helping your competitor steal your customers, the bell cannot be unrung completely. But you can act quickly to silence it and limit the damage that is being done. Don't wait, contact us now if you need help navigating Minnesota non-compete laws.

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Minnesota Non-Compete Enforcement Strategies

We will get your case into court and ask the judge to issue a temporary restraining order or injunction as fast as possible. Our Minneapolis firm can rapidly get your case sorted out when time is critical and your business depends on getting to Court as soon as possible.

MKT Law has represented a broad spectrum of people, including salespeople, doctors, insurance agents, and other licensed professionals as well as the businesses that employ them. Based on our business acumen and experience with employment agreements restricting the ability to compete against, or solicit employees or customers from a former employer, we know how enforceable your agreements may be.

Understanding Non-Compete Agreements in Business Transactions

It is one thing if your non-compete agreement is with an employee, but Minnesota Courts analyze these agreements with a different legal standard than if they are part of an agreement that involved the sale or purchase of a business. Make sure you apply the proper standard when suing over your non-compete agreement, negotiating the terms of one or trying to decide how enforceable it will be in the future.

  • Non-compete agreements: When employers share ideas and business practices with employees, partners and others, a non-compete agreement helps make sure that these people do not impact the employer's bottom line by working for the competition. By law, non-compete agreements must be limited in scope, duration, and geography in order to be enforceable.
  • Non-solicitation agreements: Customers and employees are a business's biggest assets. Non-solicitation agreements limit the contact that a former employee can have with a business's existing customers and employees. When an employee signs a non-solicitation agreement, he or she agrees not to take valuable customers or other employees along when leaving the business.

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