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Trademark, Copyright, & Trade Secret Litigation

Trademark and Copyright Litigation Attorney

Take Legal Action With Our Minneapolis Business Litigation Lawyers

For many businesses, their intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets they own. Trademarks, service marks, and copyrights all need to be protected to maintain the value you have worked hard to create and maintain.

Most businesses have worked tirelessly for a long time to establish their company’s brand and reputation. They’ve done this in order to set themselves apart from the crowd and to develop irreplaceable good will. Your name and brand identity are what makes your business unique, distinctive, and recognizable. That leads to consumer trust and sales. This must be protected.

Unfortunately, the world is full of people who would rather look for an easy, and illegal, shortcut and copy from someone else who is already successful. If someone is trying to catch a free ride on your reputation by mimicking a confusingly similar logo, using a deceptively similar name or some other unique characteristic of your product or service, you need to act immediately to protect it.

If your Cease and Desist letters are being ignored and you think it’s time to sue, call MKT Law. Protect your name and your brand.

Your trademark rights can be violated through a variety of ways, including when:

  • Another company uses your logo, your tagline, or other item you have used to brand your business
  • A competitor has used a name that is deceptively similar to your business or product’s name
  • Your competitor uses a packaging design, color, size or shape that are deceivingly close to your own

We Understand Litigation and The Value of Your Original Creations

If you’ve spent countless hours writing code, testing it, debugging it, and then dedicated more time to creating a final version of your software or app that’s ready to market, you know you have to protect it. Others may try to use your creation, or significant portions of it, and then call it their “own.”

We can help put an end to the copying and hold those responsible accountable for the theft of what you created.

Your copyright can be violated through a variety of ways, including when:

  • Your software or work has been copied or stolen and reproduced
  • Someone has manufactured or produced an item that is either a copy of, or very close to, an item that you created

Strong Defense from a St. Paul Trademark Litigation Attorney

We also defend companies accused of infringing on a trademark or other protected works. Just because a name or product or software program resembles another one does not mean it is infringing or a copy. If you are accused of stealing someone else’s work, our attorney at MKT Law will make your accusers prove every essential element required to validate the claim.

Protect your rights with help from the St. Paul and Minneapolis business litigation lawyers at MKT Law. We offer frank and understandable advice to our clients and provide aggressive and practical representation in business litigation. If you are faced with a lawsuit, call the Minnesota business litigation lawyers at MKT Law.

Our trademark and copyright litigation lawyers can help

Business owners are drawn to the personalized attention our boutique litigation firm is able to provide, and appreciate our desire to understand and preserve the integrity and operations of their businesses. We know that when someone steals your intellectual property, your business loses both money and credibility.

Fighting back intelligently is the best way to recover those losses and hold individuals or entities accountable for infringing on your trademarks or copyrights, or trade secrets.

You worked hard to establish your business as distinct and unique. You worked hard to create your brand, your programs, and products. Don't let someone interfere with that process, undo the work you have done or falsely accuse you. Take legal action immediately to protect your interests.

Discuss your trademark or copyright litigation directly with a seasoned lawyer. Contact our firm today (612) 260-5109.

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