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Breach of Contract

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When a contract is wrongfully interfered with by someone who wanted it broken so that they can benefit, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against that person or business entity for wrongfully interfering with your contract. To use the $50 legal term, this is called “tortious interference with an existing contract.”

An example may make this simpler. You have a non-compete agreement with a key employee that says he can’t work for a competitor for one year after leaving his job. Your main competitor knows of the agreement and offers the employee a job he can’t turn down. The employee quits and goes straight to work for your competitor. If this occurs, you probably can sue your competitor for wrongful (or “tortious”) interference with contract.

Likewise, if someone illegally interfered with your ability to enter into a contract, complete a sale, or continue a business relationship with a prospective customer, you may have a claim against the interloper for interfering with your prospective business relationship. Or, to use fancy legal lingo again, you may have a claim for “tortious interference with a prospective economic advantage.”

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Tortious Interference Claims

Easier to understand is the situation where your nasty competitor pays your employee to get a list of all of the businesses your sales reps have been trying to sell to for the last year. Your nasty competitor uses that list to contact all of your prospects to undercut the deal you were offering so they won’t buy from you. If this occurs, you may have a claim against your competitor for tortious interference with prospective economic advantage.

A couple examples include:

  • Your competitor diverts a shipment of your product
  • Someone that is not a party to your contract, intentionally causes the contract to be broken
  • Someone uses threats or intimidation to have someone else not buy from you

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With or without the fancy legal lingo, you will usually suspect something was wrong if this occurs. Although our society encourages competition, and our economy is based on it, only lawful competition is allowed. If you think you may have had someone wrongfully interfere with your business or contracts, call our business litigators at MKT Law to discuss your situation.

Damages to Your Business Because of Contract Breaches

Has someone has interfered with your contract or ability to do business? This can be frustrating and costly. If someone's wrongful conduct has caused harm to your business, then the law may offer relief for you, as well as an avenue to pursue in order to rectify the situation. Do not hesitate or wait while the damage gets worse; you will be legally obligated to act promptly and to prevent any additional harm from occurring that you are able to avoid.

At MKT Law: Litigation is our Business. SM

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