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Contract Lawsuits In Minneapolis, MN

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When a contract is wrongfully interfered with by someone who wanted it broken so that they can benefit, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against that person or business entity for wrongfully interfering with your contract. To use the $50 legal term, this is called “tortious interference with an existing contract.”

An example may make this simpler. You have a non-compete agreement with a key employee that says he can’t work for a competitor for one year after leaving his job. Your main competitor knows of the agreement and offers the employee a job he can’t turn down. The employee quits and goes straight to work for your competitor. If this occurs, you probably can sue your competitor for wrongful (or “tortious”) interference with contract.

Likewise, if someone illegally interfered with your ability to enter into a contract, complete a sale, or continue a business relationship with a prospective customer, you may have a claim against the interloper for interfering with your prospective business relationship. Or, to use fancy legal lingo again, you may have a claim for “tortious interference with a prospective economic advantage.”

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Easier to understand is the situation where your nasty competitor pays your employee to get a list of all of the businesses your sales reps have been trying to sell to for the last year. Your nasty competitor uses that list to contact all of your prospects to undercut the deal you were offering so they won’t buy from you. If this occurs, you may have a claim against your competitor for tortious interference with prospective economic advantage.

A couple examples include:

  • Your competitor diverts a shipment of your product
  • Someone that is not a party to your contract, intentionally causes the contract to be broken
  • Someone uses threats or intimidation to have someone else not buy from you

Minneapolis Lawyers for Failed Agreements, Broken Promises & Breached Contracts

When these contracts are broken, there are negative consequences. These can range from the contract’s breach causing delays, other contracts not being honored, and money lost for everyone involved. When a contract is broken, or if someone thinks it has not been honored, you need the Minneapolis and St. Paul business litigators at MKT Law.

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Our Minneapolis business litigation firm understands complex contract litigation. We represent businesses and people with breached contracts and those accused of breaking a contract. Either way, you will want to know right away how successful litigation may be over the contract. We analyze your situation and give an honest assessment of your case with the inherent uncertainties litigation involves.

  • Was an enforceable agreement even reached?
  • Was there a meeting of the minds?
  • Was there consideration requiring a promise to be kept?
  • Was there a breach or was it not even an agreement?
  • Can you not honor the contract because you think the other party will not or cannot perform?
  • Can you force someone to specifically perform the agreement?
  • What damages will fairly compensate you?
  • Has there been any harm done from the contract not being completed?

Sued over Contract in Minnesota?

For over 20+ years, we have handled hundreds of cases, ranging in complexity for businesses from throughout the country. Our knowledge of how businesses operate and rely on contracts allows us to provide our clients with pragmatic counsel and creative solutions. When addressing contract litigation matters, we aggressively protect the interests of our clients, both inside and outside of the courtroom.

If you live in Timbuktu (or anywhere else) and the contract you signed says all legal actions will take place in Minnesota, give one of our contract litigation attorney a call. Many contracts force businesses to litigate in this state if the contracting company (or a related company) is located in Minnesota, even if you are thousands of miles away (or more) and have never been to the Great State of Minnesota. We have extensive experience with forum selection clauses and know how to economically handle cases when our clients are from outside the state.

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Owners of smaller businesses are generally required to sign a lot of contracts personally. This is a way for the other party to get around the personal liability protections you enjoy due to running your business as a corporation, S corporation, or LLC. These cases can involve numerous strategic decisions about how to proceed based on your particular situation. We can defend both you and your business, or only one of you, and have the experience to craft the most effective defense to protect you and your business.

When your contract says the prevailing party shall pay the non-prevailing party’s attorney’s fees, what does that mean? Will the Court make the other party pay your attorney’s fees? Will you have to pay for the attorney’s fees for the attorney that’s suing you? These clauses are more complicated than they appear. They also are not always enforced or applied in the manner you would think when reading the actual language in your contract. We can explain to you how the Courts in Minnesota treat attorney fee clauses. An attorney’s fees clause, if applicable and enforceable, can have a significant impact on how your contract case should be handled. Our Minneapolis contract litigation lawyers can help you intelligently navigate cases involving contracts when attorney’s fees are at issue.

Minneapolis & St. Paul Lawyers for Lawsuits Over Any Contract

As contract breach lawyers, we handle disputes related to many different contracts, including:

  • Financing agreements
  • Oral agreements
  • Invoice-Only Contracts
  • Sale-related agreements, including purchase agreements, purchase orders, and warranties
  • Franchise agreements
  • Employment contracts, including enforcing and disputing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, severance agreements
  • Commercial leases, including real estate and equipment leases
  • Partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements
  • Any other contract binding you or others to a business relationship

Whatever type of agreement you have that is not being honored, or that someone is accusing you of breaking, contact the contract litigation attorney at MKT Law. We can help!

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