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Minneapolis Appellate Attorney

Get Help from a ST. Paul and Minneapolis Appellate Lawyer

Did you just lose your case on a motion or after it was tried? Did you just win your case and now the other side has filed an appeal? MKT Law has significant experience with appeals to the state and federal courts of appeals.

We handle civil and criminal issues on appeal if you are trying to reverse a disappointing outcome or have to respond to an appeal to defend your win from the trial court.

When you work with Attorney Mark K. Thompson and our legal team at MKT Law, you get an attorney who has handled numerous appeals to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, the Minnesota Supreme Court, and cases on appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Since 2007, Mark has taught appellate procedure at the University of Minnesota Law School to upper level law students as an adjunct professor and co-director for the school’s Civil Rights Moot Court program.

Contact MKT Law online or call (612) 260-5109 and ask to speak with Mark about your appeal.

Appellate work is very different from what occurred in your case so far. On appeal, you need an attorney who is particularly attuned to how these reviewing courts view a case. You need a detail-oriented appellate lawyer who will comb through the record to find the relevant legal issues and present them in the most favorable way possible. At MKT Law, we will put together comprehensive and compelling legal arguments on your behalf by using our unique experience and acute understanding of how appellate courts operate and make decisions.

Is an Appeal the Best Decision for Me?

An appeal may not always be the right choice and it’s an important decision to make. You will receive straightforward advice and honest answers from our Minneapolis appeal lawyers at MKT Law when making such a decision.

When evaluating your options for an appeal, we are likely to ask you to revisit:

  • The legal basis for the decision in your case
  • Use of evidence during the case
  • Post-trial motions
  • Any procedural irregularities

What Happens During an Appeal?

In a perfect world, you are able to hire an attorney for your appeal who was not on the case before and can see it from a fresh and new perspective — very much like the judges and justices at the appellate courts will look at your case. During an appeal, the court is reviewing the record and decision that was made by the trial court. There is no new evidence presented and you have to make your case off what has already occurred. This is significantly different than trial court work.

Consult With a Minneapolis Appeals Lawyer

You need experience with the process and a Minneapolis appeal attorney who understands the appellate rules and how the appellate courts make their decisions. In order to have the best chance of winning, you want an appellate lawyer on your side who has a history of handling appeals and possesses a deep knowledge of the law. You find both of these traits when you work with Attorney Mark K. Thompson and our team at MKT Law.

We dedicate ourselves at our firm to obtaining just results. Due to our knowledge and attention to the details that matter, we are often able to uncover errors made in the trial process that can increase your odds of winning on appeal.

Call our firm at (612) 260-5109 to discuss your appeal directly with an experienced Minnesota appellate lawyer in a confidential setting.


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