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Trade Secrets Litigation

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Nothing is quite as devastating to a business as finding out your main competitor knows all the secrets to your success. Overnight, a business can lose its competitive advantage in the marketplace if private, proprietary and valuable information is stolen (misappropriated) from you or made public. This could be the end of the successful business you worked so hard for so long to make profitable.

When a security breach, or more likely an employee or other insider at your company, causes the loss of critical, sensitive and confidential business information, you need to act promptly to protect your rights. Usually, this means acting immediately to sue the thieves, misappropriators, and all unauthorized disclosers along with whoever else has obtained the trade secrets or confidential information.

Helping You Protect Your Trade Secrets in Minnesota

Most trade secret cases need to get in front of a Judge fast on an emergency basis with a motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) or a motion for an injunction. If granted, these motions can result in an Order from the Court banning any further dissemination of any trade secrets or confidential information, and require people and businesses to appear in Court to answer the allegations or face penalties. These penalties range from civil contempt to money damages or compelling the physical relinquishment of ill-gotten property.

At MKT Law, our attorney team can get your trade secret lawsuit going fast and in front of a Judge as soon as possible on a motion for a TRO or Injunction and begin trying to repair the damage that’s been done to your business and doing everything we can to secure your trade secrets and confidential information from further release, disclosure or use.

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Minneapolis & St. Paul Business Lawyers for Trade Secrets Cases

The Minnesota Uniform Trade Secrets Act, contained in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 325C, provides you with protection and statutory rights and responsibilities. In Minnesota, you also have common law rights that may be relevant to your trade secret case (employee’s duty of loyalty) and even federal statutes available under the right circumstances (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”), 18 U.S.C. § 1030, et seq). If your trade secret is truly a protected secret not known by many people, is valuable because you’ve kept it secret and you used reasonable efforts to keep it a secret, you may gain protection under the Trade Secrets Act.

If your business is the victim of misappropriation of trade secrets or you had confidential information disclosed or taken, call us right away! Our legal team at MKT Law can provide you with the responsive, experienced litigation skills your business needs in this critical time. When it is all on the line and you need dedicated help right now to protect your trade secrets, turn to our Minneapolis business litigation lawyers.

Minneapolis & St. Paul Business litigation attorney: History of Success

Whether you are facing legal action because of a trade secret accusation or you believe your trade secrets have been stolen, we can provide you with the litigation services you need. Our firm’s founder has a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating. We have the experience, skill, and ability to act promptly and protect your trade secrets. Whether you need a strong defense or an aggressive protection for your claims, we are the only Minneapolis business litigation lawyers your business will need. When it’s your company’s continuing existence on the line, turn to the business litigation team you can trust to zealously pursue the thieves that took your trade secrets so we may hold them responsible and minimize as much harm as possible from being inflicted on your business.

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