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Hiring Out of State Counsel for a Business Lawsuit in Minnesota


Running a national or international business is rife with complications, even when things are going well. As soon as a problematic third party steps into the mix, things are sure to get all the more critical, complex and confusing especially if the deal-gone-wrong or unscrupulous competitor forces you into court in another state. Being a stranger in a strange land (or a defendant in your opponent’s hometown court) is a distinct disadvantage. We can help level the playing field and appropriately manage your Minnesota venued business litigation case no matter where you are based in this country or beyond.

The answer lies in out of state counsel and representation from a law firm you can trust. At MKT Law, PLC, we routinely litigate business law disputes and lawsuits for companies who are headquartered outside of the North Star State. With Attorney Mark K. Thompson at the helm, our law firm has become the trusted source for local counsel in Minnesota for businesses far and wide.

Advantages of using MKT Law for your business lawsuit in Minnesota include:

  • Staying home: Travel time is probably a large concern you will have when your company gets targeted by a lawsuit in Minnesota while you live in California, New York, or elsewhere. You are a busy business owner or company executive. You simply do not have the time to spend on flying out repeatedly to go to court in Minnesota. With out of state counsel from MKT Law, you might not need to leave the office at all. Many cases can be handled with an attorney acting in your stead in court and can usually be handled with just one trip to Minnesota if your case settles before trial (just like 90% of all cases do). For the greatest odds at achieving an optimal outcome, your Minnesota attorney has to have the experience needed to take your case to trial or to resolve it through negotiations, and be able to advise on what is best for you and your business.
  • Local legal insight: You might already have a legal representative on speed dial in your home state, but you probably do not know any lawyers in Minnesota if your business is not headquartered there. Using out of state counsel from MKT Law allows you to tap into local legal insight. We know courthouse procedures, preferences and policies that are not in the rule book. Of course, we also know business laws and regulations unique to Minnesota and how they apply to your case, whether you are dealing with a breach of contract dispute, being accused of unfair competition, or any other of a broad range of business disputes.
  • Remote communication made easy: At MKT Law, we have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating newer and better technology into how to run a law firm. When we act as your out of state counsel for your business litigation case in Minnesota, our communications will be completed with up-to-speed equipment that will not “lag out” or crash during a video chat. Our cutting edge tech can also come in handy when working on an intricate case, presenting it to a judge or jury and giving you an advantage that your opposition might not have ever realized was possible.

Get Decades of Legal Experience – Remotely

Attorney Mark K. Thompson is an experienced business law and litigation lawyer in Minneapolis, having first focused his practice on such cases back in 1999. When your business needs an out of state legal counselor or advocate for a business law case in Minnesota, you should start by dialing 612.260.5109 and connecting with MKT Law. You can also learn more about our services and experience by reviewing some of our case results and client testimonials, or by arranging a confidential consultation with our team today.

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