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Welcome to the New(est) MKT Law Attorney


I forgot to post about this when she actually started working here a couple/few months ago (or last year), but that’s just because she hit the ground running with a new case that was a bit high maintenance and began about the same day she started working here. But now, without further ado, welcome Andrea L. Nemmers, MKT Law’s new Associate Attorney practicing in the area of civil litigation at the firm!

Ms. Nemmers is a 2014 Graduate of William Mitchell College of Law with legal experience in the corporate and banking environments and was in house counsel before joining the firm at a commodities exchange. Ms. Nemmers will be expanding her practice into litigation and assisting MKT Law as it transitions to exclusively practicing business litigation and continues to grow.

At MKT Law, Litigation is our Business.TM

And we have a new attorney!

And here’s her picture (email Ms. Nemmers at or call 651-797-0997):

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