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A New Champ!


Bing and Microsoft get the award for this year’s (so far) finest, fine print award. Yes, Bing & MS win the coveted Lighted Magnifying Glass Trophy for 2014 (so far)!!!!

bingI suppose I shouldn’t complain. They sent me a card for $200 in free ads! But when you flip it over and read the fine print that the asterix obviously leads you directly to like a road map you find this:

Fraud Ad

The photo doesn’t do it full justice, but it is actually on the bottom of the reverse side of the second page. But wait! It gets better! The disclaimer/warning/notice is also placed in a grey shaded area and the type color is GREY! GRAY, Microsoft,Grey! It looks like MS just gave up and isn’t even trying to be sneaky and maintain any plausible deniability because the type color for the MS logo is actually dark, normal black. But I do kid.

I still love you almighty, omnipotent and omnipresent MICROSOFT and your asterisked disclaimer is really quite kind and doesn’t significantly limit my ability to get $200 in free advertising. Does anyone use Bing? Do you bing things?

Now if all free ads would stop asking for my credit card before I get the free part of the deal I’d feel a little better and maybe even like I was actually getting something free. After all, we know you do that because you’re banking on us forgetting to cancel the damn order once the free part is over.

We didn’t really want this in the first place anyway because all we really wanted was the free thing. And only because it was free, ya know? But it’s too late again and now I’ve paid four months for something I never used once and don’t even remember what it was. I gotta cancel this.

Now if I could just find the unsubscribe or cancel procedure written down somewhere on this webpage . . . . Maybe it’s written in grey ink in that gray box at the bottom and on the flip side of the last page?

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