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Here is a sampling of some of our victories. Although these are not a predictor of future results, you know you are hiring experienced and successful counsel when you have MKT Law handle your case.

Tip-Splitting and Wrongful Termination


A former waitress sued MKT Law’s restaurant/bar client in outstate MN for tip-splitting and wrongful termination in the amount of about $112,000.00, which—if Plaintiff prevailed—would be doubled under the statute and have attorney’s fees added to it, for a total over $300,000.00. After a week-long trial, the jury found no wrongful termination occurred and Plaintiff was not fired for reporting or refusing to work due to the tip-splitting policy, but found a violation of the tip-splitting statute—which the restaurant/bar argued did not apply because the restaurant/bar employees worked as a team, but otherwise admitted. The jury awarded Plaintiff only about $1,500.00 for violating the tip-splitting statute, no back wages, no future wages, no past emotional distress, and no future emotional distress damages.

Local Restaurants Claim Settled with New Contract

In lawsuit for unpaid supplies against two related local restaurants, a creative settlement was obtained that included a new contract to do further business with plaintiff instead of pay over $80,000.00 in damages claimed.

Settlement Obtained and no Spoliation of Evidence

Construction defect case involving historic Minneapolis mansion settled for client-architect. MKT Law defeated defendants' summary judgment for spoliation of evidence due to remedial work beginning allegedly before contractor could inspect damage caused by contractor to property could be inspected after multiple mediations and one month before trial.

Social Media Manager’s Past Due Wages Recovered via Settlement

MKT Law successfully recovered by settlement three years of back pay for a social media manager employed by a family business. The media manager has not been paid for his successful marketing services since the business’s inception.

No personal jurisdiction case voluntarily dismissed based on motion not heard

A California company was sued by what it thought was another California company in Minnesota. As it turned out, the company suing MKT Law’s California client was actually a Minnesota company under newer management. With no real ties to this state, MKT Law was able to move for a dismal on the grounds of the Court was lacking personal jurisdiction over its out-of-state client. The motion was never heard due to the Minnesota Company agreeing to dismiss the case voluntarily before the motion was even responded to or argued.

No Liability for Neighbors’ Claimed Damages in Excess of $1.3M

Obtained dismissal in U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota in neighbor dispute alleging trespass, loss of value to real estate and Section 1983 claims (governmental co-defendant) and constitutional violations with demand in mediation in excess of one million dollars. No counteroffer made at mediation and motion to dismiss was brought and granted in full dismissing whole case with no award of damages.

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